• People
  • Poker

    They are enjoying themselves. Many are pros making a living. Most are amateurs. Tension, joy, celebration, passion. It’s all there. For more poker pics visit my poker photos site.

  • Culture
  • They were supposed to look wild

    The Camargue is a wonderful place. Thousands of flamingos. A bold culture. Yet those “semi-wild” white horses that make its fame? well, here are some real Camargue horses. The nice pics you see of stallions fighting and horses running on the beach? Staged. Just Google “Camargue horses worskhop”.

  • Nature
  • Light in the sky

    When I was 10 I got an Instamatic and a roll of film out on a trip. All 24 pics were skies and clouds. These here range from Patagonia to Spain to my terrace in São Paulo. I like the pictures where you don’t see the sky but feel it in the water or the leaves.   […]